convo's with higher self, my way home

wow i leveled !

♥  february 28 . 2018  : and a door opened  ♥

In bed, shaking, the energies rush up through my legs, they come from Izta : my grounding force, Gaia’s daughter, i love her, she is my sista ♥️ The energies rush up my spine, get stuck halfway my belly and my heart and i shake and shake. Open your crown, consciously, i sense. Of course i obey lol, resistance is futile you know.

I imagine my crown opening gently with white flower petals. The energies rush up, they feed my wings, my little pink glowing wings, from when i was a child, now growing big and white, still vulnerable.

“Hi HS,” i greet my Higher Self who is showing up now, “Uhhh why are you male?”, i ask Him. “Coz you are female”, he replies and smiles. Ah it is all about balance now, i get it. Going into this Temperance year. Maybe weird but i am really looking forward to it. 🌀

* A room, square, only a door and HS in a tuxedo and white tie lol! What, wait, i am in a ballroom gown and HS is standing behind me. We are facing a closed door. HS puts his hands on my back and gently guides me to this door. “You are a gentleman too”, i tell HS while turning my head and giving him a smile. “Of course i am”, he replies and directs me to the door.

I turn my face to the door and .. f*ck! I face the open door, it is a black hole, it is all black, it is the universe, lol, i don’t know WHAT it is and HS gives me a gentle push, and i stumble across the threshold. 😯

And while i fall and fall and fall, i hear HS shouting: “It’s a test!” *

Wtf! Are you ready ⁉️

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