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the silver surfer

♥  july 6 . 2017 : a weird convo with HS  ♥

My Higher Self is blue, pale grayish blue. He .. uhh .. he? Yes, he lol. He is bald and he smiles a lot, almost always. And if he isn’t, well, then it IS serious! 😮

“Why are you blue and bald”, i ask HS. “Think”, he says and smiles, his eyes challenging me: c’mon c’mon,  you know, dig deeper! The first thing that slips into my mind is the Silver Surfer. “Yes! Lol, but why him?”, i ask.❓

“Why the Silver Surfer, you ask ME? You ask YOUR higher self? You have no clue of how a HS looks so YOU created this image of me. You’d better ask yourself why you created the Silver Surfer.” 🤔

Now this is a weird convo with my Higher Self. “F*ck, so i have to find out myself?”, i ask him. “Yep!” and he looks very seriously. 😈

And i can’t get the Silver Surfer off my mind, i loved this character when i was a teenager. This tragic, romantic hero floating through space on his surfboard, a lone wanderer without a home, he was my favorite superhero.🏂 

I smile and i am glad i altered the Surfer a bit when ‘shaping’ HS. Contrary to the Surfer my HS smiles a lot, he is gentle and he has humor.  ⚛️

Silver Surfer Wikipedia

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