convo's with higher self

resistance and a sneaky soul 😲

♥  october 22 . 2017 : resistance and a sneaky soul  ♥ 😲

I quarrel with Higher Self, my guides, some angels, a fairy, whatever 😡 while my soul tries to sneak into my body.

Yes, our souls want our bodies! Is this some new approach from above? Am i too slow, too stubborn? Lol, yes, i am in resistance at the moment. What? Why? F*ck, all the old me is falling apart, and i try hard to hold on to the last known pieces, the last known securities, the last comfort-zone. 🗝

What does it mean when the soul merges with the body, the psychical? Yes, we heard again and again that ascension this time isn’t about going up, but about the spiritual descending in the psychical. Well, our souls want to come in, avoiding the interpreters like HS, guides etc. They are very useful yes, but the soul is far more direct.

The soul resides in that Zero Point where all merges. It won’t be an easy proces, merging soul and 3D. We (soul and human and ego and energy and emotions and so on) gotta merge and travel together through a diversity of densities, of colors, of darkness. Well, good luck to all of us 🍀♥️

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