Lindow man : poem

♥  november 2 . 2018 : poem 1987  ♥

about the translation : actually, in dutch ‘leer’ means both leather and doctrine, so this poem is very hard to translate, i choose doctrine coz it seems most suitable, however something gets lost here 🙃

leer van huid
leer van verleden

leer van geest
leer van vernietiging

moeras van kennis
en verlies

moeras van dromen
en verloren mens die niet
terug zal komen

doctrine of skin
doctrine of past

doctrine of spirit
doctrine of destruction

swamp of knowledge
and loss

swamp of dreams and
lost human who will not

man van turf

♥  october 15 . 2018 : poem 1987 ♥

natte turf
ijzerrijk begraven
het lichaam trekt
kille haven

de inhoud is
bewaard gebleven
en heeft tumor


de hersens gezeefd
tienmaal geleefd
hemel bezeten

poems are hard to translate because of rhyme and rhythm, yet i give it a try  🙃

wet peat
iron rich buried
body heat
cold harbor

the content is
well kept
and has given


the brain sifted
ten times lived
heaven possessed

Lindow man : 1

♥  april 2 . 2018 : the Lindow Man  ♥

When i was an art student, i was fascinated by the discovery and story of the Lindow Man. The preserved bog body of a man discovered in a peat bog at Lindow Moss. I collected newspaper items, pics, used it in my art, in collages and poems. Now he is back  🙂

more bout the Lindow Man
on Wikipedia
in the British museum

the death of Vega

♥  oktober 29 . 2017 : dimensionality is a human concept  ♥

3D, 5D we are quite known with this concepts now. We think we have integrated them in our daily lives. By the way, shifting paradigms, shifting timelines? Do we really think we know what we are doing? Hold on!! 🌀

Do we? Join me on the next step: Zero Point. The Creators Dominion, The space without space, time without time, dimensions without dimensions. Can you still follow me?

I went back, way back: Paris 19th century, Lemuria bout 12k B.C., the rise of the Pleiadians, go back go back they say, the Lyran war, the death of Vega, i WAS Vega 🤔

Then i realized, i didn’t have to be Vega to feel her pain, her dying. I merge more and more into unity consciousness, into Zero Point where timelines collapse, where all is one, where i don’t have to be that murderer of my twin in Paris, where i no longer am the healer in Lemuria.

No, i am not that past or that present, more and more i am the energy. That flame of Creation that experiences everything, connected to all that is.

And fuck you!! Its fucking hard, lol.

Thanks dear Kat ♥️

the winds of change

♥  july 29 . 2017 . entropy is an illusion  ♥

in the forest with my dog
i realize, this will never die
i will be here forever, with my dog
this moment in time will always be 🌳

being nothing, not significant
yet being all
this is no duality
this is wholeness ☯️

yet, there’s the little pink girl
again,  relocating
and the trees wait so patiently
so silently, so peacefully

entropy is an illusion
i tear the leaf in pieces
can it be whole again?
entropy says no, i say yes

in fact, it already is whole
in a space without time and yet
always time, this leaf is always whole 🍀

SHE was always whole, but she didn’t know
she was torn to pieces
lost parts of herself
yet, she was never lost!

from entropy to quantum entanglement
a flow in time/non-time
source created entropy, chaos out of order
order out of chaos
and we are moving back

the girl is getting whole again
sitting under a tree with some giggling fairies
she writes : i gotta heal myself, the feeling of being worthless
i am powerful and it scares me as hell

“Dear mommy, are we going to move again?”, the little pink girl asks her mom while she is packing their stuff in boxes. There is Bella, her favorite black doll, almost as big as the girl! “Yes yes, we have to child, stop nagging now, i’m busy”. And she remembers, they were always, always moving, again, a new home. 🏚️

“Dear Higher Self, are we going on the move again?”, i ask HS while he is hoisting the sails. He turns his bald, blue head and shows me his big smile. “Yes yes, we have to, the time is perfect. Pack your stuff and lets ride these waves”. Ok ok, here we go again, sailing to New Earth. 🌎

“Dear Alcyone, i know i promised to go and i really like to, but i will forget bout you! How can that be? I can’t imagine ME without YOU.” The great central sun smiles with his big heart: “little one, we are always together, try to remember. Now go, we will meet again in Lemuria”.

there is a stillness inside me

♥  2017-7-7 : the creator in the eye of the storm  ♥

I sit on my terrace in my lovely garden and i look at my wonderful dog named Bliksem, something like Lightning in English. He gives me so much joy. And i am saying goodbye. 😔

I read bout the July waves and yes, i do feel it is gonna be a hell of a ride, fasten seat-belts! There is no point of return, no u-turn in sight. Yes, we have free will of course .. lol .. did you believe that?! We always do what we are supposed to do.

July storms are ferocious, a wild wind pounds on my door. Dark shadows lurking in the corners of my room, the darkest caves of my mind and my emotions illuminated. Yet, i feel sooo quiet, sooo centered, sooo creative, so NOW!

* there is a stillness inside me
i am the creator in the eye of the storm *

I sit in the middle of my granny’s kitchen, 5 years of age, playing with the buttons she keeps in an old biscuit drum, all kinds of buttons in ONE drum! So, i sort them out. From little to big, from light to dark, 2 holes, 4 holes, wood, plastic, metal,  you name it. In the middle of the kitchen floor while granny is trying to prepare a stew. 🍯

And she smiles her all compassing smile and i smile. How i love my granny! She knows who i am and she lets me be who i am. And i can sit here for hours with the buttons and HER who is with me always. 💋

Yes, I AM The Eye Of The Storm. All around me is crumbling, falling apart, whirling and swirling. ME, in the middle, in the void, a creator. How do i want my world to be? What do i build with all these fragments? WHAT DO I REALLY WANT? And i build, from little to big, from dark to light, from separation to wholeness, you name it. 🌎

Yes, there is a place inside me, my silent dominion, my eye of the storm.

are you experiencing a human body?

♥  july 2 . 2017   ♥

“Alcyone, is this the way it works?,” i ask HIM, “me, waiting for you, you don’t show, me getting nervous, thinking maybe i AM crazy? What the f*ck do i imagine! Communicating with a sun! What if HE never shows again? What if, what if .. lol, now you laugh, but it’s not fair! You know! You are a celestial, ascended being, i am not”. “Aren’t you, little one? Really, don’t you see?” Alcyone replies. 🌞

I go inward. The wind is whispering, the birds are singing, the sun is setting and i am alive! The waves rush in, energies are of chart, the moon is rising and i am alive! Atoms form, atoms disintegrate, inertia, entropy and duality. AND I AM ALIVE! 🐦

I take a walk in my neighborhood, dense populated. Houses packed tight together. And i wonder where they come from: the houses, the doors, the bricks, the gardens. I feel sorry for them, coz they can’t move, they are stuck in this particular spacetime. 🏡

I ask: how did you get here? One house shows me a long journey of floating through the universe, floating, floating, no specific direction, just bliss. Till, something manifests, THEY are drawn to this place, get caught and transformed. 🌀

IT is stuck now, with trillions of other ITS/THEY. Time is solid, very static, trapped! “I can’t move, i can’t leave, i have no choice”, IT tells me. “Nope you haven’t,” i tell IT, “you are a house now, you have no free will. But some day, you will die and you will crumble and you will become a single atom again and you will wonder off as the solitary I Am presence You Are. Till then, be a home”. 🙃

And see, Alcyone smiles again 😊