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♥  june 2 . 2017 . 23:56 : are you male or female?  ♥

I walk in this beautiful monestary garden, it is summer, and i am enjoying the flowers.
I love the little ones most, the ones that struggle to survive amongst the bigger plants and trees.
And i feel drawn to a small group of little flowers under a tree. pastedGraphic.png

I ask them : hello there, can i ask you something? Oh, ok, they say.
Lol, it sounds a bit like they are annoyed.
I ask : are you male or female? I got a sense of not understanding, so i ask : are you a man or a woman? pastedGraphic_1.pngpastedGraphic_2.png

One replies : what is man, what is woman? We don’t know these words.
So, i try to explain to them, in a biological way, but i sense im getting nowhere. pastedGraphic_3.png
They are confused, and i feel sorry i got them confused.

The speaking one tells me : no no, we are all one, we are the same, you got it wrong! pastedGraphic_4.png
Lol, now they got me confused! 

At this point i think : you silly woman, you are talking with flowers!
And i go on with my walk. pastedGraphic_5.png

This happened bout 20 years ago, long long time before my awakening.
I remembered this conversation just now! Silly woman pastedGraphic_6.png

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