my way home, the cycle of the soul

shiver & shake

♥  august 15 . 2017  : and free yourself  ♥


I sit in my garden and my dog is chasing a cat. I smile but then i feel sad, soon i relocate and i have to leave him. I feel a shiver and my body shakes. Lol, this has become so familiar to me, this shaking. Now i look to my dog through Her eyes, Lyra’s eyes, i smile and my heart smiles and i say “thank you”. 🐩

* SHE feels ONE with ALL. She knows that time is an illusion and that sadness is a state of mind. And She lives from Her heart. She looks at her dog and feels only love, She knows this will always exists, nothing is lost, all is here, NOW. And She has the wisdom of the stars and the blessing of the Universe. She is whole, She is Creation * 🌀

“Who are you thanking Lyra”, i sense. Weird, i can’t tell if it is Higher Self or Alcyone. “Well, lol, i thank Me actually. For allowing myself to be here, in this place, at this time and to feel and experience this fully!”

I am at peace
Lyra  ♥️

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