empathy, the cycle of the soul

she died

♥  december 17 . 2018  ♥

She died tonight, in my living room, in front of the television.
She managed to get there, don’t know why.

Earlier today she fell out of her web, could not manage to get up again.. elas Genie 😔 Yesterday she managed though, she fell 2 meters, fell on the windowsill and got up again, struggled to reach her web, high up in my window. And she did!

Yet, today, she did not manage. She fell. And then fell from the windowsill on the floor. I put her on the windowsill once, but again she fell.. i let her .. die her own dead. Find her own place to die.

Bye Genie. She was ‘my’ spider for over a year. Sitting in her web which grew steadily every day. I wonder now, how old do spiders get?
I will miss her 😔

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