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one day i’ll fly away

can I have my wings

♥  june 14 . 2017  ♥

can someone tell me how to use these wings?  😳

Sometimes i feel my wings. To be honest, not the wings itself, but the 2 spots on my back where they are attached but i still can’t fly,  i think. 🦋

I am 6 years young, out on the schoolyard, kids playing. And some kids are picking on me.
I feel awful and i run away but they chase me. I run and run till, there is the brick wall, and i can’t run no longer. 🚷

So, very naturally, i spread my wings and flap them and just before hitting the wall i take off. Out of their grabbing hands! And i fly. Higher and higher, up to the roof of the school building.  Now im sitting on the rooftop, kids yelling down there, hah, they can’t get me here❗

To be honest, i didn’t have wings back then, still i managed to fly! Silly me, now i have wings, but haven’t figured out how to use them! ❓

This ‘flying to the rooftop of the school building’ thing, was actually a returning dream i had as a child.
I couldn’t really relate with kids of my age, in fact any kid of whatever age, lol.
They frightened me, so i had these dreams of them chasing me. Luckily i had my wings. 😁

one day i’ll fly away

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