11 . 11 . 11  november 11 .  2018 i launched this site . started to work on it spring 2018 but the idea existed for some time . yep it was time ! in 2017 i divorced . i moved to another place . i got a new job . my whole life as i knew it was gone . old me dying . new me emerging . this is the result . enjoy  ♥ ♥ ♥

🙂 yes, 2017 was a Death-year allright!

i divorced after a relationship of 30 years
i moved to a new place, actually an old place
i lived here before
in this lifetime and maybe in a past life

yes, the old me was slowly dying
layer after layer i peeled off
till the bare me was exposed

2018, my Year of living Temperancely
i balance and balance
transmute, transform
patience & purpose
darkness & light
a year of duality
and letting go

march 27 . 2019 the Devil enters
oh boy, let the deepest pit open 😁