failure? what is failure? who defines failure?
being born to fail 😮

january 12 . 2018 . my words

“Write”, HS tells me. “But, i don’t wanna share this”, i tell my Higher Self.
“Why not”, he asks me. “Coz they are MY thoughts!”, i reply.

and i sense : nothing is yours, you own nothing
i turn to Spirit : nothing is yours, let it go


“HS, how can i tell for sure it’s you talking and not me?”
i ask my Higher Self while showering.

The last weeks HS has the habit of joining me while showering.

“Don’t even bother asking”, he replies, “now we are more and more merging
it only gets more confusing, let it go, surrender”.

yeah, thought so, i sigh while HS laughs 😀
this is typically my higher self answering lol

ascension depression?? omg