empathy, my way home

my house talks to me

♥  september 12 . 2017  ♥

Bout a month ago I moved into my new home, a small apartment in a (rebuild) monastery. Long story short: i lived here some 20 years ago, in another part of the building. At that time we discovered a leyline crossing our building. I met my husband here, married here, moved with my hus and now divorcing and returning to this lovely place. Okay, what’s new? My House Talks To Me 😳

I am doing some carpeting in my bedroom and kick a piece of wood out of the way, mmm, IT doesn’t seem to like that. ‘You don’t want that?, i ask. ‘Who wants to be kicked?’ it answers. Okay okay, I interact with flowers, trees, bricks, houses, why not a piece of wood? ‘Yes, why not?’ i sense. “Beautiful stones with a history, telling a story, you enlightened humans can accept that, can you accept a piece of wood with his own history?”

I look around in this room and connect, MY bedroom. I FEEL the wooden roof, the floor, the walls. And i cry! Suddenly. WE ARE ONE, WE ARE CONNECTED. And this place talks to me, now: ‘Finally, you know now I am here, YOU are here, I wanted YOU here, you belong here, now at his time, this place. Yes, you discovered 1 leyline, there is another line, just crossing the first, you are now above this crossroads of leylines, this grid point, you are where you are supposed to be, finally. I asked you to come, coz the time is NOW. And you listened, you felt my call.

And i know, since months i have this strange energies running up my legs, they come from Gaia. And i wondered where they come from and why. And now it seems related to this place. I cry and cry and i ask this presence to stop now, i can’t handle anymore. Yes, i knew there was something with this peculiar place, I have to be here. Well, i am here .. but .. lol .. i am exhausted!

Okay, i think this is enough, to me at this moment it is enough.
Actually there was more stuff but i edited this one. At this point it is even too weird to me 🤔

Love ♥️

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