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living temperancely

♥  february 24 . 2018  ♥

“My year of living temperancely”, i say to Raphael, giving Him a smile. 🙃
March 27th is my birthday, going from a Death year into the Temperance year.
Poeh, can I have some rest please, Raphael?

Raphael pours his cups once again, and again … and again …
“You know kiddo, we were friends ever since, well ‘there’, you forgot but I know I kept your wings for you till you were ready to fly again. I strengthened your heart when you thought it would break. I ignited your flame when you thought there was not a single spark left.

Slowly you are remembering our bond, our vow. Yes, a vow There, see, the tears, you are crying now. Tears of gratitude I sense. Go now, it is time, little one.”
Temperance is dedicated to Raphael, the protector of my heart.

Yo, I am  ♥️

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