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Izta : daddy has come home

♥  june 3 . 2017 . 1:09  ♥

I climb the mountain and lay down on her, Izta. I come here to ground, to feel Gaia.
Gaia protects Izta, the waiting one, the sleeping one, the melting one.
Izta waits for her warrior to come and take her home.
And she waits and waits. But Popo is nowhere in sight. pastedGraphic.png

The little girl waits for her daddy to come home.
Her mom tells her : don’t worry, he will come.
And she waits and waits, but he never came, she never saw him again. pastedGraphic_1.png

And she lost ground and eventually she lost trust, coz now she knows, he was never supposed to come home!
Many many years later, her mother told her : we broke up and i just couldn’t tell you,
you were a little girl, i didn’t want to hurt you. pastedGraphic_2.png

The little girl also discovered that this man, whom she loved and believed to be her daddy, wasn’t her daddy at all.
Well, to her he was, even though she never saw him again. Grown-ups!! Puhhh! Grow up!! pastedGraphic_3.png

And she waits and she sleeps and she melts. And she grounds, together with Izta, the waiting warrioress.
They wait in silence, in peace. Gaia is here, she supports and loves as a gentle mother, Gaia knows. pastedGraphic_4.png

Some day, some night, he will return, Popo, the warrior.
And he will reclaim his rightful place next to his beloved Izta.
Daddy has come home. pastedGraphic_5.png

The story of Izta & Popo

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