my way home, twin flames

i am awful !

♥  july 2 . 2017 : what the f*ck is 5D ?  ♥

I am awful, i tell myself, while cleaning the house, where everything has its own place. I wipe some dust off a table. Yeah, really awful! I am such a perfectionist, so meticulous. Lol, You are here, smiling, only You know HOW meticulous I am. And i am happy and as you laugh about me, i laugh about me. 🙂

January 2017 : after 1,5 year of crying, confusion, pain, doubt, lol, dark night of the soul, welcome, i love you! I don’t know how i managed, but i did somehow. thank you Ariel, Ismael and Gaia/Izta. I was sooo tired of it all, i felt like shedding all the tears i had, purged all the pain i ever experienced. And i accepted. Just as it was, it is what it is. And i let Him free, let him BE.

And i discovered all these Facebook-rooms, read all these posts bout twin flames, bout ‘waves’ coming in, bout 5D (what the f*ck is 5D?), bout a ‘journey’ (journey, journey, what journey, ME?). Nowadays, lol, i can’t shake His higher self of my back! He is always here, smiling, loving my stupid habits, my addictions (which are his too by the way), my sexual fantasies (and we do share these too). 😮

And i think : was it only January? Really? How much did i flipped the circle? On which spiral am i now? Yep. DNOTS and 6 months of clarity, love, acceptance, letting go and finally knowing, feeling    I AM WHO I AM

Yo . Lyra . Johanna . Jo , Ans . Anna . transmuter of pain . starseed . Pleiadian . Lemurian healer . murderer . lover . Lyran . priestess of Alcyone . a child of God / Source / Eternity. Yes my love, we are ALL. And we go higher, another spiral, another battle, a ‘battle’ we already won.

Thank you all! Lightworkers, friends, companions on this journey, confused ones, karmic ones, source, inner child, TF’s, angels, guides, trees. Yes, and now i realize i am as crazy as you ‘guys’. ♥️

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