(non) letters to a DM, twin flames

i am

♥  july 14 . 2018 : i am  ♥

i quit waiting, can’t do it anymore
struggle with waiting for years now
i’m done with it
it only delays my own path
i have to focus on my own path

i am
evaluating & re-evaluating
defining & re-defining
creating & re-creating
i love me
i love you
i love

so, i am consolidating my energy
can’t afford now to spread it everywhere lol
i will set my boundaries, ah f*ck, i have none!
still, i have to define what is me, what is you, what is the collective

so i am withdrawing my energy
to feel what is me, what is you
your pain is my pain, your joy is my joy
my pain is your pain, my joy is your joy
yet, i am a human with strictly set boundaries
namaste, with love
Ans 🌹

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