childish things

i am not alone

♥  may 27 . 2017  ♥

I am not alone, in fact, i never was. It just seemed so, a drifting soul in a vast universe.
A blue planet, blue waters, a sentient being, a blue being. How the hell did i get here?
Ah yes, it seems i agreed to be here, at this time. Did i? Wtf!

I remember being a child, by the way, i am still that child, the child that didn’t want to be here.
It was hiding in a tree, between the roots of a loving, compassionate tree 🙂 thank you tree.
It was safe there, taken care off. The child was playful, sensitive.

It wanted a purse, 3 years of age, in a store with mom and grandma, she didn’t get the purse.
She threw herself on the floor, yelling: i want that purse!
The grown-ups where embarrassed with this child.

Now? I give her all the purses she wants, Green, purple, yellow, blue, red.
But, all she wants is the treehouse, and walking the bridge to the Stellar Gateway!
Playing with the stars.

The stars smile at her, she is a star-child.

Thanks Carolyn Kundalini 🙂

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