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feel like falling down ?

♥  february 21 . 2018 : all about perception  ♥

This journey has thrown me of my feet, once again. “Revelations will come, divine timing you know”, they say and they smile 😎 they know how impatient i can be.

The Tower came crashing in, i am sick at home, flu. Guess i was waiting and waiting, and nothing happened, and i pushed and pushed, pushed myself.

Now i am slowly realizing what state i am in: “Yes, you felt like nothing happened, you were at a standstill 🙄 and I told you before, you are pushing yourself too hard”. No use arguing with Higher Self so i keep my mouth lol.

I rebelled against meditation (haven’t meditated for 2 weeks i guess): “If you ‘guys’ don’t tell me what’s going on, then .. then …. i stop meditating!” Something like that lol. And that’s stupid cause in meditation i get messages 🤔

* and i fell and fell . down the spiral of life . my life . all my lives . well . some of my lives 🔓 some clarity . the whole story . can’t see the whole picture . sense it . all around us . in ZP *

And they show me, all the time i thought i was struggling to get up the spiral and i thought i kept falling, the spiral itself was spiraling up, and yes i wasn’t able to keep up with the energy, so i thought i was falling. Lol, confusing concept! ☯️

But i get it! LET GO AND LET GOD (aka they) ♥️

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