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do you believe in unicorns ?

♥  january 28 . 2018 : matters of the heart  ♥

❤️ am i . was i . heartbroken ? guess so

# they tell me : remember . it is all illusion #

“Do you believe in unicorns?”, she asks the little girl. “Yes i did! Of course i did! But then the world showed its ugly face, people just didn’t care bout unicorns. I told them! They wouldn’t listen.

# and they tell me : remember . it is all illusion #

Now she cries, this little, fragile child, showing me her tears, her pain, this f*cking freaking hard harsh world. How could she cope? How could she? Yes! Show me! How can i?! Yes, heart broken. Can you survive a broken heart?

# they say : it is all illusion . you know who you are #

“Ah, you are here,” i tell HS and give him a smile 🙂 Yeah, thought so, you are back”. “Nope,” my higher selfs replies: “YOU are back”, and he smiles. Of course , in the end, i may be stubborn lol, but then you havent met my HS!! Yes yes HS who broke my heart? Former lovers? Parents? Gaias suffering? YOU name it okay?!  I accept it 🙂 with love 🌸😎 You know, my HS is ALWAYS right! I have to admit 🙂 “Who broke your heart?” he asks. And in some weird way, i have to be honest with him lol. Not Who… but What .. if some one broke my heart, it would be me, lol of course!

@ stationary
come on love, draw your swords, shoot me to the ground 🙂
diversions diversions .. WHO WHO WHO WHO
F*<k Y¥o
Don’t u dare 2 G0!
anyway, the Unicorns are back 😎
to be continued 🙂

Love ❤️🌷❤️

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