Dinky, the cutest sucker

Dinky the cutest sucker

♥  october 8 . 2017 : my insecure hoover  ♥

“No no, you don’t have to be afraid”, i tell him while he stumbles across the threshold of my bedroom. 😁 “But i don’t know what to do”, he tells me. So i tell him what he is supposed to do and that he is perfect for me. “No problem, you know what to do, don’t worry”.

Ah, this insecure him is my new hoover, a little, cute, light-weighted, red hoover. Perfect for my little home. I bought it some days ago and started to call it little one,  it had to have a name. 🤖

Now, while dragging him over the threshold on his little wheels, he tells me with a small voice: “Uh, my name is Dinky”. “What did you say?,” i ask “i can barely hear you”. “I am Dinky”, he says. “Okay okay Dinky, welcome. But why Dinky?”❓

He gives me an image of his assemblage in the factory. One of the workers at the end of the assembly line says: “Okay Dinky, there you go!” ✔

Well, by now i’m quite used to interact with living and dead things : bricks, houses, flowers, raindrops, mountains, suns, at the core it’s all atoms, quarks and eventually energy. So why not connect with a hoover. ⚛

Wow, i didn’t know what the name Dinky meant so i googled it. It means something like cuddly or cute. And he sure is.  ♥️

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