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can i have my wings back Raphael?

♥  july 6 . 2017  ♥

From when i was a little child (i could babble ‘dada’ and ‘mama’ yes!) my mother explained to me: “You were born for a dime and you will never be a quarter”. So you can imagine what she told me when i revealed to her, at the age of 9, my Big Dream for the future. Being a cave researcher. ❌

And i feel her thinking, ‘dream dream child, life sucks, we never get anywhere, we never did. Just work our asses off, eat meatloaf with potatoes, maybe beef on Sundays, and we die at the age of 65 just when we retire’. 😩

Yeah, i am a dime, i know mom. And i bow my head and i take off my little snow white softly pink glowing wings, which no one can see, can you believe that! And i put them in my black box. The box vanishes … up … to Raphael. He gives me a loving smile and says: “i will take care of your wings little pink one, let me know when you are ready. Go play being a dime now but never forget, you are a bright shining DIAMOND”. 💎

Well,  recently i paid Raphael a visit 🙂

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