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bleuberry juice

♥  june 30 . 2017  ♥

“Tell me, how did you manage,” i ask her as i visit her in her treehouse, between the strong roots of a magnificent, friendly tree. “I didn’t manage,” she says “and you know, stupid question! You were there, with me, hurt and confused. WE couldn’t manage remember” ❓

I am in meditation but i can’t focus and i drift away into a wood. I lose the way and am drawn to HER HOME, the sacred place of my inner child. I love this place, animals everywhere, a white owl checking out who is visiting. A giant spider with a face totally not aligned. A snow white magical unicorn she calls Nieve. 🍄

As i now sit at her table, drinking blueberry juice, a bit fermented of course 🙂 i ask her: “how did you manage the loss, the pain, falling apart again and again and again”. 🍷

“I felt stripped,” she tells me, “bare to the bone. Layer by layer getting peeled off of me. Peeled? Torn! Each loss, each pain, skin after skin, mask after mask, till nothing was left of me.
Just as you feel now.
But we are transmuters dear ME“. ⚛

“Thank you, yes! I mean, we did manage, didn’t we?”

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