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away team

♥  june 12 . 2017 : 23:17  ♥

Spiraling down    leveling    spiraling down    leveling     fack! Cant level.
Balance, balance    ok now. Into density, heavier and heavier.
First ring : nah, been there. Second ring : auch, who bit me?
Third ring : a bit light. Fourth ring : open arms and mouths   and legs   no thanks.
Fifth ring : pain   spiraling again   deeper   in. ⚛
Sixth ring : orange and a golden sun. Hi! Oh, hello, says the orange ray.
Seventh ring : finally, destination reached!

Lyran time ignLTLyra : 1,179,001 😎
Hey commander, im in, what are your orders?
Go to sleep little one, soon you will be waken, go to sleep now 🙂

and i fall

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