empathy, Zero Point & time

are you experiencing a human body?

♥  july 2 . 2017   ♥

“Alcyone, is this the way it works?,” i ask HIM, “me, waiting for you, you don’t show, me getting nervous, thinking maybe i AM crazy? What the f*ck do i imagine! Communicating with a sun! What if HE never shows again? What if, what if .. lol, now you laugh, but it’s not fair! You know! You are a celestial, ascended being, i am not”. “Aren’t you, little one? Really, don’t you see?” Alcyone replies. 🌞

I go inward. The wind is whispering, the birds are singing, the sun is setting and i am alive! The waves rush in, energies are of chart, the moon is rising and i am alive! Atoms form, atoms disintegrate, inertia, entropy and duality. AND I AM ALIVE! 🐦

I take a walk in my neighborhood, dense populated. Houses packed tight together. And i wonder where they come from: the houses, the doors, the bricks, the gardens. I feel sorry for them, coz they can’t move, they are stuck in this particular spacetime. 🏡

I ask: how did you get here? One house shows me a long journey of floating through the universe, floating, floating, no specific direction, just bliss. Till, something manifests, THEY are drawn to this place, get caught and transformed. 🌀

IT is stuck now, with trillions of other ITS/THEY. Time is solid, very static, trapped! “I can’t move, i can’t leave, i have no choice”, IT tells me. “Nope you haven’t,” i tell IT, “you are a house now, you have no free will. But some day, you will die and you will crumble and you will become a single atom again and you will wonder off as the solitary I Am presence You Are. Till then, be a home”. 🙃

And see, Alcyone smiles again 😊

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