(non) letters to a DM, my way home

abyss of frozen hope

♥  june 23 . 2017 : my last life  ♥

Do You remember? Standing at the Abyss of Frozen Hope? Me telling You this is my last life on earth.
I don’t know why i tell You or how i know, i just know.
We talk about afterlife and reincarnation and it hits me: This Is My Last Life On Earth!
And coz i can tell You all, well, almost all 😊 i tell You this the moment i feel it.

“Maybe you come back as a leader”, You say. And i think of world leaders, political leaders, religious leaders.
I don’t know what You think. “Nah”, i reply. 🤔

But yes lol, You were right! I have come back as a leader, in what seems to be a ‘next’ life
I didn’t really have to die in the PHYSICAL, not this time. I mean, i wasn’t buried or burned 🔥
But yeah, this is kinda dying I guess.

And i have come back as a leader, my own leader! Anyway, to start with 😜

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