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♥  may 15 . 2017  ♥
After-meditation : retrieving pieces from Lemuria.

# april 30 . 2017 I found out that I had a past life in Lemuria which ended quite dramatically #

I had a beautiful meditation in the presence of Metatron. And it felt good to have him here, and i thought bout Lemuria. That it very likely holds pieces of me, coz i witnessed its fall. So i asked Metatron if he could assist me and he agreed 🙂

I said the words Katherine (Martin Youngren) told me to say : i ask now that all the pieces of me that Lemuria holds, to be wrapped in love and forgiveness and be returned to me at this time. Please i ask that all the pieces of Lemuria that i hold, to be wrapped in love and forgiveness and be returned at this time. Saying this the third time, i began to cry, my stomach and heart area contracting.

Then my third eye contracted and i felt a pressure on my forehead, stronger than i have ever felt. I said the words again, and there suddenly was a beam of light coming into my third eye! Lemuria gave me back the light in my third eye. This was the first time i experienced my own light in my third eye. Now it was receiving and emitting light.

I stayed focussed, receving the gift. I felt light and joy. I thanked Lemuria. What i gave back : i was on the hill again, looking down at the destruction of Lemuria. I asked: what do i have that belongs to you? I felt acceptance and love and pain, my pain, our pain! Again i said the words bout returning all pieces to Lemuria. But now i added:  wrapped in love, forgiveness and LIGHT. And i gave back the pain i felt, carefully wrapped and transmuted into light. The light was very important i felt. I cant give back pain without transmuting it. Again i said the words and it was ok.

For now its ok coz i feel there is more. It all felt very good and enlightening.

My third eye kept glowing for some time, even after this ‘meditation’ was over. And now its presence is more clearly. By the way, i was a healer in Lemuria, a channel, i received light from a sun (Alcyone), i received it in my third eye, it travelled through my throat chakra and connected with my heart. From there it flowed to my hands. And i healed.

So far, till now, the heavy weight i felt on my heart, is almost gone, theres still some weight. Next time! I thanked Metatron for assisting me!

With love

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